PADI Scuba Diver Certification Course

By this time, you have probably read articles about Abrolhos Islands, Montebello Islands and Rowley Shoals where they house pristine reefs, amazing wildlife and tourists having a great time. You now then decide to get wet and explore the beauty of Western Australia’s underwater world. But wait, do you have a scuba certification?

Like any other physical recreation, you have to learn the knowledge and skills behind the sport, especially that there is an inherent danger when you go underwater. As for scuba diving, this is offered through a certification course.

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Scuba Diving Advanced Open Water Certification

After months or years of logging dives, you may feel the need to learn more skills. Perhaps this may have been triggered by your interest to explore deeper dive sites or conditions that do not allow you due to your open water diver limitations.

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Rescue Diver Course Perth

As we go along with our diving career, there will come a point that you will be called upon to address a problem, both at surface and underwater. These problems may come in different forms ranging from a minor body scratch to a major medical emergency. So it would be best to equip yourself with rescue skills to properly handle any situation.

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Divemaster Course Australia

You have done Open Water, finished the adventure dives in the advanced course, now a certified Rescue Diver and has logged more than 40 dives, what’s next? There’s no other way but to become a professional scuba diver.

While open water, advanced and rescue diver are classified as recreational certification levels, taking up the Divemaster Course Australia is your first step in becoming a dive pro. Many have envied people who are divemasters due to the fact that they can do what they love most while making a living. That’s really envious. But don’t be, you can be a divemaster yourself.

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