PADI Scuba Diver Certification Course

By this time, you have probably read articles about Abrolhos Islands, Montebello Islands and Rowley Shoals where they house pristine reefs, amazing wildlife and tourists having a great time. You [...]

Rescue Diver Course Perth

As we go along with our diving career, there will come a point that you will be called upon to address a problem, both at surface and underwater. These problems may come in different forms [...]

Divemaster Course Australia

You have done Open Water, finished the adventure dives in the advanced course, now a certified Rescue Diver and has logged more than 40 dives, what’s next? There’s no other way but to [...]


Since the last blog the motor has had a lot of work done to it. Starting with striping parts off it to paint, when I removed the intake and exhaust manifolds I discovered abrasive sandblasting [...]

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Blockquote and Testimonial

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