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You have done Open Water, finished the adventure dives in the advanced course, now a certified Rescue Diver and has logged more than 40 dives, what’s next? There’s no other way but to become a professional scuba diver.

While open water, advanced and rescue diver are classified as recreational certification levels, taking up the Divemaster Course Australia is your first step in becoming a dive pro. Many have envied people who are divemasters due to the fact that they can do what they love most while making a living. That’s really envious. But don’t be, you can be a divemaster yourself.

Divemaster Course Australia

Unlike recreational certification levels, taking up the divemaster course requires you to work closely with an instructor. Initially, you will learn to refine your diving and rescue skills as well as learn to anticipate common problems. But that is so far as personal diving skills is concerned.

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Now, you have to remember,that as a divemaster, you will be handling small group of divers and this is the part where you will nurture your management and supervision skills. In other words, the divemaster course teaches you to become a dive leader and take charge of certain diving related activities. This is done through several segments, like: knowledge development, confined water skills exercise, workshops and hands-on practical application.

Topics that you will learn during the divemaster certification course are diver safety, risk management, student diver assistance, dive supervision, dive site mapping, how to conduct dive briefings, environmental awareness, how to assist in discover scuba and certification training, dive shop setup, management and the business of diving.

It seems that you will be learning a lot things while taking the divemaster course. With this, we highly suggest that you first talk to your instructor about how long you will be working with him or her and the duration you need to accomplish and satisfy all the requirements.

Divemaster’s Equipment and Accessories

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While you may be using rental equipment during your Open water up to the rescue diver course, it is highly recommended that you should have your own personal set of scuba diving equipment when you take the divemaster course. You are becoming a dive professional, so it is imperative to have your own equipment.

Aside from scuba equipment, you will be needing some diving accessories that will enable you to perform other skills, like: dive computer, dive knife, underwater compass, underwater horn or tank banger, underwater slate and surface marker buoy. Your instructor may also suggest additional equipment or accessories as you go on with the course.


As you finish the course and become a fully certified divemaster, divers will be looking up to you as a seasoned and accomplished diver. Some have treated divemasters as their idol or role model. So what are you waiting for, take that opportunity to become a dive professional and live that dream where only a few have it.

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